Work on the 3D Printer has started

So for quite a while now the idea of having a 3D printer has bounced around the office. Many people have thought of various different things that they would like to make with it, so we took the plunge and purchased one.

The printer that we have bought is a Rapman 3.2 3D printer kit, available from We also purchased the optional extra of having the hot end (the part that melts the plastic filament) pre built. As the name suggested the printer does come in kit form and requires complete assembly before it will be ready to produce its first 3D print.

In order to assemble the printer there is a 106 page build manual to work through, which should result in a fully functional 3D printer for everyone in the office to use to make their ideas into 3D objects.

So far most of the sub assemblies have been built that are required to start putting together the frame of the printer. However although it look like lots of parts have been made there’s still plenty of work before the printer will be finished.

I’ve attached some photos of the work so far and I’ll keep you all updated as the work progresses.

  1. “quite a while” – I got all excited about Reprap back in 2008, so I think I should therefore take all the credit for this 🙂

    I’ll add a poll so people can vote for the first object to print (after the test files)…

  2. rosschisholm said:

    The printer prints from .stl cad files, so it would be good if people voted for things which had available .stl files. There’s loads of them available from various websites if you search for them in google.

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