The Frame is up!

The printer has started to take shape now and the frame of the printer is finally assembled. It took quite a long time to get the frame perfectly square with many adjustments and readjustments. The top and bottom frames are set using jigs to keep the frame square and then a set of vernier calipers were needed to measure the overlap of the bars from the corners.

The difficulty with this stage was getting all of the different plates and bolts set correctly. Not only did the spacings between corners need to be correct but each of the acrylic plates that make up the corners need to be level in order for the bearings on the idlers to run smoothly.

1 comment
  1. Really taking shape now, can’t wait to see it working!

    My vote for the first object to print – a Möbius strip like one of these.

    Looks lovely, very hard to make without a 3D printer, and represents the infinite possibility of 3D printing 🙂

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