Monthly Archives: February 2012

Hello everyone, I’ve made this blog public now, so please refer to the About and Disclaimer pages for some ground rules.

It’s worth saying that this is not the place for support – please contact our wonderful tech support team instead, they will give you a faster and simpler response!

If you’re coming to this blog from outside Focusrite, welcome!  We’re trying something new here, so please bear with us if your comments are not approved.  Hopefully this will be an interesting place for us to talk about the things we do here.


Internally, we use Trello boards to indicate the status of products, software components etc. and to show the assignment of responsibilities.  We’ve only been doing it for a few weeks, so there’s bound to be better ways to do it – but the beauty of Trello is that it’s so quick and flexible you can change things in a few clicks and drags.

I’ve created a Trello board specifically for Automap. I think this would be a great way to show the world what’s going on in Automap, without having to expose the whole of FogBugz.

We can add cards and discuss features there, indicate where they are in the grand scheme of things, and crucially allow people to vote and comment on them.

We can create links to forum threads, and even to internal cases etc. if we need to.  Have a look – shall we make it public?