Time for an audio development conference?

This is the first year for ages that I’ve not been to Musikmesse.  I thought about it long and hard – I enjoy the show, and it’s always fun to see what everyone is excited about, to meet people at the booth, and of course to indulge in beer and sausages in the Frankfurt sunshine while seventeen different guitarists and DJs try to outdo each other!

However, try as I might I just couldn’t justify the expense – the odd, unexpected meetings with engineers from interesting companies have always been good, but this seems to be less and less of a feature of the show (I guess they thought the same as me).  I can check out all the products and announcements in pretty much real time anyway, and all the real collaboration gets done remotely.

I tried to see if there could be any useful recruitment opportunities, but again there’s virtually nothing except a small jobs board in German.

I can’t help feeling like we’ve missed out.  I’d love to go to a proper engineering conference, rather than a trade show, with more to offer (technical seminars, workshops etc.).  Something like the Game Developers Conference, which I loved attending in a past life, where us geeks can get together and do our thing without embarrassing semi-naked women trying to sell us DJ bags!
Does anything like this exist, even on a small scale, or is our industry just too small and cagey to support such a thing?


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